Gelbvieh World Articles

The following articles are published in the Gelbvieh World magazine. Questions or comments should be directed to Rebecca Mettler, Gelbvieh World Editor.

Communication: The Key to Success by Tanner Aherin

Eventually, there comes a time when each individual has to enter the job market to find a career that best suits them. Strengths and qualities for each individual may be different, but there’s endless opportunities and professions where their skills can be valued. Currently, I am in the middles of this process, and one of […]

Is Your Cowherd Efficient? by Andy LeDoux

In today’s beef industry, there are many buzzwords: local, organic, and sustainable. These words are often used to compound what I like to call the drama effect, and this most often causes an emotional response. In this day and age, it seems most of us are too comfortable doing business as usual — like my […]

Gearing Up for the Main AGJA Events by Carter Mitchell

I hope that everyone’s 2017 is off to a great start! There are many upcoming American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) events for all of my fellow junior members and me to attend. For me, some of my favorite times each year are those spent at an AGJA event. From regionals to leadership conferences, there are […]

Telling Our Story by Aubree Beenken

Last month I started another semester at Iowa State University where I am double majoring in animal science and agriculture and society. During my time at Iowa State, I have been fortunate to be involved in many different groups and organizations. Some of my activities include taking part in Iowa State Freshmen Council, the University […]

Ready for Veterinary Feed Directive? by Rebecca Mettler

The veterinary feed directive (VFD) discussion has been a hot topic in the beef industry for the past several months. January 1, 2017 is the date in which antibiotic regulations will change the way beef producers administer some types of antibiotics. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) hosted a recent webinar on the VFD. NCBA is committed to providing their membership […]

Strategic Plan Goals to Propel AGJA into the Future by Sydney Bigger

Change. Grow. Progress. You can’t have one without the others, and the agriculture industry is one that perfectly displays this. Our industry is one that is always changing. Farmers and ranchers are being challenged to increase output on limited resources; and in response, technologies are improving to increase the efficiency of crop and livestock production. Consumers are demanding more information on the […]

Evolve to Meet Demands by Neal Pearson

Evolution: the dictionary has numerous definitions pertaining to this word. No, I’m not going to be giving a science lesson here, but it does have a significant meaning as it pertains to Gelbvieh and the American Gelbvieh Association (AGA). The primary definition means, “a process of change in a certain direction.” Let’s for a moment look back in time as it relates […]

Flying Without GPS: The Old Way Just Doesn’t Cut It by Neal Pearson

I want to recount something that happened to me on a recent flight to Denver. This flight originated in Watertown, South Dakota, with a stop in Pierre. Here is where things became interesting. After an additional 14 people had boarded and a little time elapsed, the captain shut down the plane’s engines. Now having flown numerous times, not once on any of those flights did the plane’s engines ever shut off. […]

Juniors, Join Us in Lincoln! By Colton Spencer

Summertime is behind us and school is up and going. The Gelbvieh industry had a jam-packed summer full of leadership events and cattle shows. Maybe for your family the best shows are yet to come or maybe your favorite show heifer has been grazing in the pasture for months now. Who knows, school might even be a time where the […]

The Time is Now! By Myron Edelman

Did you attend the American Gelbvieh Association National Convention last year held in Kansas City? Did you know that convention attendance and voting at the AGA annual meeting was more than doubled last year compared to the year before? The time is now to become part of the excitement at the AGA, advance your operation and maximize the benefit of your […]

Is Modern Technology Worth It?

Beef cattle breed associations are proving that they can, and will service the beef industry far beyond the seedstock sector. The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) provides many services to the commercial cattle producer. As any business owner knows, you are not successful unless your customers are successful and satisfied. So why not provide the AGA members and their customers the tools necessary […]

The Cattle Business: You Get Out of It What You Put Into It by Myron Edelman

Do your cattle sell for the average price? Do you ponder the thought of why some cattle sell for more than other cattle selling on the same day, that are seemingly the same? The better question is, what steps are you taking to ensure your cattle are reaching their full marketable value? The fundamental value drivers of cattle health, weight, growth, […]

A Young Producer’s Perspective by Morgan Winchester

Growing up in the center of cow-calf country, I have gained respect and understanding for cattle breeders and for the amount of time and the work put into each calving season. I’m also reminded that I am thankful for the Gelbvieh breed because I have learned the importance of raising the right breed fit for the environment. Choosing the right breed […]

Breed Associations: Thing of the Past or Key to the Future? by Kari White

Any cattle producer knows that margins are getting increasingly tighter even in the most successful beef operations. Savvy producers are constantly assessing inputs into their business, looking for places to become more efficient. It’s at times like these breeders may ask whether being part of a breed association worth the cost. Breed associations in the United States formed in the early 1900s […]

The Future of the Beef Industry by William McIntosh

The phrase, “The future of the beef industry,” gets tossed around a lot. That phrase can refer to technology, cattle markets, advancement it genetics, and on, and on. The truth is, the future of the beef industry lies in the next generation of cattle producers.The “kids” of today will be the leaders, the decision makers, […]

Unforgettable Experience by Aubree Beenken

For many of our families the summer is filled with baling hay, fixing fence, going to cattle shows, and a hundred other tasks that need to be done on the farm. While most days become very long and tiring, it is always exciting getting ready for another show. Of all the shows that are attended during the summer months […]

Leadership is Not About the Next Election, It’s About the Next Generation by Emily Griffiths

It is hard to deny that we are in an extremelydynamic presidential election year. And while I believe in refraining from talk of politics at the dinner table (or in magazine columns) I think there are important takeaways from how we as  Americans support a candidate of our choosing during an election. As socially responsible voting citizens, we invest a […]