DNA Testing

The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA), through its partnership with Geneseek®, offers several DNA
testing options for all of its members and commercial customers.

All DNA orders, with the exception of commercial producer DNA testing, must be submitted
electronically through the AGA Registry System.

For commercial DNA testing please visit the commercial DNA testing page.

DNA Testing Options

Genomic Option 1 (GGP-HD) – $85.00:
This is a high-density panel that includes parentage markers. Parent verification can also be
completed if parents are on file with parentage markers with the AGA. The test also includes Tenderness and Docility tests. This test is for highly used for sires and dams in the population and is required for AI sires and donor dams.

Genomic Option 2 (GGP-LD) – $45.00:
This low-density panel includes markers and parent verification if parents are on file with parentage markers with the AGA. The test also includes Tenderness and Docility. This panel is generally used on registered sale animals and is required for all walking sires of January 2016 and later born registered calves.

All animals tested using Genomic Option 1 or 2 will receive Genomic-Enhanced EPDs (GE-EPDs).

Tenderness (included in Genomic Options 1 and 2): Identifies the tenderness potential of beef cattle
through analyzing multiple markers associated with tenderness. Results are given in a 1-10 score, with 10 being the most tender.

Docility (included in Genomic Option 1 and 2): Identifies the animal’s genetic potential to exhibit a calm disposition or to have offspring with a calm disposition. Results are presented as a 1-10 score, with 10 being very calm.

The following tests may be ordered as a stand-alone test or added on to Genomic Options 1 or 2.

Coat Color (CC) – $14.00 stand-alone/ $6.00 add-on:
Tests to determine if the animal carries any recessive genes for red coat color or wild type.

Diluter – $15.00 stand-alone/ $5.00 add-on:
Describes the carrier or non-carrier status of the animal pertaining to the Diluter gene that creates the
traditional yellow cow color in the Gelbvieh breed.

BVD-PI – $4.00 stand-alone/add-on:
Tests the animal to determine if they are persistently infected with Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD). BVD-PI
testing requires a hair sample and MUST be submitted on a hair card.Horned/Polled (HPS) – $43.00 stand-alone/$35.00 add-on:

Tests whether the animal is a carrier of the horned gene.

Genetic Conditions Testing 

Osteopetrosis (OS) – $20.00 stand-alone/$5.00 add-on:
Tests to see if the animal is a carrier of the recessive gene that results in a defect primarily found in Red Angus influenced animals. If two carriers are mated together, this defect, also known as Marble Bone Disease, can result in a small, stillborn calf with abnormalities of the skeletal system.

Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM) – $20.00 stand-alone/add-on:
Determines whether the animal is a carrier for the recessive genetic condition that is passed to Gelbvieh and Balancer® animals primarily through Angus influence. This genetic condition, also known as Curly Calf, results in calves that are born dead or die shortly after birth and have an abnormal appearance
with crooked spine and legs and have limited muscle development.

Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH) – $20.00 stand-alone/$8.00 add-on:
Tests if the animal carries this recessive genetic condition that is passed through Angus influence. NH results in abortions or calves that are born near term with very low birth weights. Calves with this defect have an enlarged cranium with the cranial cavity filled with fluid and no brain or spinal tissue evident.

Developmental Duplication (DD) – $22.00 stand-alone/$20.00 add-on:
Determines if the animal is a carrier of this recessive genetic condition that comes from an Angus
influence. Symptoms are exhibited differently in affected animals and can range from a smaller sized calf to an extra limb (in the shoulder area).

Genetic conditions result in affected offspring when mating two carriers occurs. To manage the
prevalence of genetic conditions in your herd, mate carrier animals to only non-carriers. Testing progeny of carrier animals and retaining only clean animals will help keep the frequency of genetic conditions in your herd low.

Maternal Edge Female Profile – $26.00:
Intended for commercial Gelbvieh influenced females and measures calving ease, maternal calving ease,
weaning weight, yield grade, marbling and carcass weight against the entire Gelbvieh populations with
molecular breeding values (MBV).

Stand Alone Parentage (included in Genomic Options 1 and 2 and Maternal Edge Female Profile):
Parents of an animal can be verified when the option is selected on the order, if the parents are on file with the AGA. If you are unsure if the parents are on file please contact the AGA office.

Price Chart

For assistance ordering DNA tests please contact the American Gelbvieh Association office at 303-465-2333.

How to Order DNA Tests

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