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What is a Balancer®

Balancer® cattle are registered hybrid seedstock and have documented pedigrees and EPDs. Balancer animals are 25 to 75 percent Gelbvieh with the balance Angus or Red Angus. Balancer cattle combine the Gelbvieh growth, muscle, leanness and fertility with the maternal and marbling of Angus. Producers can chose the percentage of each breed to best suit their marketing target for their calves.

The Profitable Blend of Gelbvieh and Angus Genetics

Balancer hybrids offer a simple and powerful way to maintain hybrid vigor and the proper blend of British and Continental genetics in your cow herd without complicated crossbreeding systems.

Registered Balancer hybrids combine the Angus advantages of calving ease, moderate mature size, marbling and convenience traits with Gelbvieh growth, muscle leanness, fertility and unequaled pounds of calf per cow exposed in a single animal.

And, documented research proves that Balancer hybrids offer the same consistency as their purebred parents with improved uniformity of composition. Plus, Balancer bulls and females are registered seedstock, complete with documented percentage and EPDs.

The Perfect Fit On Angus-Based Cows

Using Gelbvieh on your Angus-based cows is the optimum fit in today's competitive beef industry. You will get cattle that fit the pasture, the feedlot and the meat case. Plus, you get the priceless bonus of the industry's most respected replacement females. Whether you keep or market these replacements, Gelbvieh x Angus crossed females add dollars to your pocket.

Use registered Balancer bulls and take advantage of management convenience and hybrid vigor in a single package, while producing cattle that fit the pasture, feedlot and meat case.

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