Crossbreeding is smart and easy with Gelbvieh and Balancer®

Crossbreeding has been utilized in the cattle industry for many years and for good reason. Crossbreeding provides several benefits including those seen from individual heterosis, maternal heterosis and overall greater lifetime profitability. Using Gelbvieh and Balancer® genetics in a crossbreeding program adds productivity, longevity and profitability with crossbred cows and hybrid bulls.

Individual Heterosis

Individual heterosis is the improvement in performance by the individual crossbred animal above the average of its parents. Increased calf livability, weaning weight, yearling weight and carcass traits are examples of individual heterosis in crossbred calves.

Maternal Heterosis

Maternal heterosis leads to the combined improvement in traits from the dam that cause increases in the performance of her and of her progeny. Examples of maternal heterosis in a beef cow include: younger age at puberty, increased calving rate, increased survival of her calf to weaning; longevity and pounds of calf produced in her lifetime.

Utilizing Gelbvieh and Balancer Genetics in a Crossbreeding Program

Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle excel in traits such as growth, stayability, and productivity. Using Gelbvieh and Balancer genetics in a crossbreeding program can help increase profitability of an operation. See additional pounds and added profit through more efficiency and greater longevity of cows as well as heavier, faster gaining feeder cattle.