DISBURSEMENT SALE – We are retiring!
August 13, 2018

Name: Double B Ranch
Address: Hilger, MT
Type of Sale:
Asking Price:
Contact Name: Barry & Dena Bolton
Contact Phone: 406-538-5280
Contact Email: dena@boltondoublebranch.com
DISBURSEMENT SALE – We are retiring! Cattle ranching was a family adventure for us and we will greatly miss it but take comfort in knowing that the industry is in good hands with our fellow breeders. Through the years we have culled our cattle to provide only the best and are selling top-of-the-line cows that come from years of focused breeding. All are polled and black hided, most homozygous black. Bred to calve mid February to mid March. If interested please feel free to call us. - Replacement heifers – 4 Pure Bred and 6 Balancer Bred Replacement Heifers - 57 Purebred Gelbvieh, Balancer, Purebred Angus Cows 2 ½ to 5 ½ yrs old - 20 Purebred Gelbvieh and Balancer Cows 6 ½-7 ½ yrs old Thank you to the American Gelbvieh Association, the members of the Montana Gelbvieh Association, and our customers for your continued support throughout the years. Although we will not be raising our own cattle, we will be staying involved in the cattle industry.