Fall Open Balancer Heifers
November 21, 2018

Name: Johnson Stock Farm
Address: Missouri Stockton, Missouri
Number: 17
Breed: Balancer
Type of Sale: Private Treaty
Asking Price:
Contact Name: Dave Johnson
Contact Phone: 417-276-1998
Fall Open Black Polled Balancer Heifers Dave Johnson runs one of the top commercial cow/calf operations in the country, and Dave annually purchases sale topping "complete package" calving ease, growth, carcass, and fertility bulls in Judd Ranch's annual bull sale. These mama cow deluxe fall open (ready to breed) heifers are all sired by Judd Ranch bred Secret Instinct sons. All preg checked open with pre-breeding shots. Reference: call Cattlemen's Connection, Roger Gatz, 800-743-0026.