Female Listings

A&W Cattle Company Cows For Sale
May 3, 2018

We have a variety of purebred black and purebred red Gelbvieh. Call Walter (573) 560-2226 for pricing or Karl (573) 470-4258. Please feel free to check them out on our website.

10 Black Polled Balancer Open Heifers
May 2, 2018

These spring open black polled Balancer heifers feature Judd Ranch "complete package" genetics out of the outstanding Judd Ranch 282 cow family.

150 Black Polled Balancer Open Heifers

This is one Cow Power set of fall 2017 black polled Balancer heifers. They are exclusively sired by sale topping "Complete Package" Judd Ranch bulls. Maternally they feature one tremendous…

50 Balancer Open Heifers

This is an extra fancy set of heifers from Lee and Stacy Marriott, who run one of the best operations in the country. These heifers are all Judd Ranch sired and out of red or black Balancer females….

41 Spring Open Balancer Heifers
April 3, 2018

38 Black Polled, 2 Red Polled, 1 BWF

One cow power set of 2017 spring born (January and February) Balancer open heifers, exclusively sired by Judd Ranch complete package bulls. Jim Neis annually p…

March 9, 2018

25 Head Purebred & Balancer Bred females (young cows and heifers). Bred the right way to make a positive impact on your operation. Easy calving, weaning performance, feed efficiency, carcass quali…

17 Spring Open Balancer Heifers
February 26, 2018

This super set of spring born Balancer open heifers is exclusively sired by Judd Ranch complete package bulls. They have had a complete vaccination program, wormed, and calfhood vaccinated. Marshall…

250 Spring Open Balancer Heifers
January 12, 2018

90% Black, 10% Red
These maternal Balancer heifers are April/May born, with the vast majority sired by Judd Ranch complete package bulls. These heifers have received three rounds of Bovi-Shield, bla…

Pope Farms Gelbvieh
January 2, 2018

40 registered Balancer bred heifers and cows. 13 heifers due January 11; 27 cows due February 14.
We are shifting to a fall calving program and therefore offering all of our spring calving cows for s…