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Champions Named at American Royal Gelbvieh and Balancer Junior Heifer Show

The Junior Gelbvieh and Balancer® Heifer Show at the American Royal was held on Saturday, October 21, 2017, in Kansas City, Missouri. Judge Jim Bloomberg, Berwick, Illinois, evaluated the Gelbvieh and Balancer heifers.

Grand champion Gelbvieh heifer was RUPP Roxi 623D, owned by Dallan Thomas, Perry, Oklahoma. This heifer is the daughter of JRI Crusader 285Y99 and first claimed the Gelbvieh junior yearling heifer division.

Reserve grand champion Gelbvieh heifer was owned by Jessie Lowe, Adrian, Missouri. LLLJ London Crush 44D1 is the daughter of HIGH Stands Alone 9B73 ET and first claimed the Gelbvieh senior heifer calf division.

Grand champion Balancer heifer was KKAC Emerald 703E. This heifer is owned by Karly Alexander, Perry, Oklahoma, and first claimed the Balancer spring heifer calf division. She is the daughter of JRI Next Step285X72.

Reserve grand champion Balancer heifer was JNCC Grand Finale 672D, owned by Cameron Nowack, Bland, Missouri. This heifer also came out of the Balancer senior heifer calf division and is the daughter of Connealy Final Product 7212.

Champions Named at American Royal Gelbvieh and Balancer® Show

The Gelbvieh and Balancer®  Show at the 2017 American Royal took place on  Saturday, October 21, 2017, at the American Royal Complex in Kansas City, Missouri. Brigham Stewart, Washington, Kansas, evaluated the Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle.

The grand champion Gelbvieh female was RUPP Roxie 623D. She is the daughter of JRI Crusader 285Y99. Owned by Dallan Thomas, Perry, Oklahoma, this heifer first claimed the junior yearling heifer division.

Coming out of the junior heifer calf division is the reserve grand champion Gelbvieh female. CIRS 22YE is the daughter of DCSF Post Rock Power Built 37B8 and owned by Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kansas.

The grand champion Gelbvieh bull was owned by Grace Vehige, Bonnots Mill, Missouri. GDV T Bar S Ace’s High 209D is the son of GDV T Bar S Reload 27A ET and first claimed the senior bull calf division.

The reserve grand champion Gelbvieh bull was GGGE 3G Die Cast 637D, owned by Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Indiana and Reynolds Bee Lick Gelbvieh, Crab Orchard, Kentucky. First claiming the junior bull division, Die Cast is the son of GGGE 3G Zip Line 266Z.

In the Balancer show, grand champion Balancer female was owned by Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Indiana. GGGE 3G Cowgirl Dixie 6102D is the daughter of S S Hoover Dam B115 and first won the intermediate heifer division.

The reserve grand champion Balancer female was KKAC Emerald 703E owned by Karly Alexander, Perry, Oklahoma. She is the daughter of JRI Next Step 285X72 and first claimed the spring heifer calf division.

Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Indiana, swept the Balancer bull show, owning both the grand champion and reserve grand champion Balancer bulls. The grand champion Balancer bull was GGGE 3G Double Agent 602D and is the son of GGGE 3G Smoke N’ Mirrors 639S. He first claimed the junior bull division.

The reserve grand champion Balancer bull was GGGE 3G Extra Money. He is the son of GGGE 3G EZ Money 209Z and was out of the junior bull calf division.

2017 American Royal Gelbvieh and Balancer® Open Show
October 21, 2017
Kansas City, Missouri
Judge: Brigham Stewart, Washington, Kansas

Division Champions and Reserves:

Gelbvieh Champion Spring Heifer Calf: DTKF Destiny’s 211E; DTK Cattle Company, Janesville, Iowa; Sire: JRI Secret Component 285A393

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Spring Heifer Calf: PHS Prohart Empress 714E; Pro-Hart Seedstock, Pueblo, Colo.; Sire: BDCG DC401A4 ET

Gelbvieh Champion Junior Heifer Calf: CIRS 22YE; Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan.; Sire: DCSF Post Rock Power Built 37B8

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf: CIRS 381E; Circle S Ranch, Canton, Kan.; Sire: GHGF Young Gun C310

Gelbvieh Champion Senior Heifer Calf: HTFK Ms Dolly D6; Kyler Camerer, Asbury, Mo.; Sire: BABR Influential 4241B ET

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf: LLLJ London Crush 44D1; Jessie Lowe, Adrian, Mo.; Sire: HIGH Stands Alone 9B73 ET

Gelbvieh Champion Intermediate Heifer: JNCC Miss Stardust 639D; Cameron Nowack, Bland, Mo.; Sire: VRT Lazy TV Sam U451

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Intermediate Heifer: PHS Prohart Brandy 634D; Cross Seven Ranch, Las Animas, Colo.; Sire: BDCG DC 401A4 ET

Gelbvieh Champion Junior Yearling Heifer: RUPP Roxie 623D; Dallan Thomas, Perry, Okla.; Sire: JRI Crusader 285Y99

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Junior Yearling Heifer: BDCG DC 39D4; Hilltop Farms, Asbury, Mo.; Sire: JRI Next Step 284X72

Gelbvieh Champion Junior Bull Calf: CIBS Let’s Roll 7415E; Cib’s Gelbvieh, Clutier, Iowa; Sire: DCSF Post Rock Astronaut 157A

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Junior Bull Calf: GGGE 3G El Camino 742E; Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind.; Sire: GGGE 3G Zip Line 266Z

Gelbvieh Champion Senior Bull Calf: GDV T Bar S Ace’s High 209D; Grace Vehige, Bonnots Mill, Mo.; Sire: GDV T Bar S Reload 27A ET

Gelbvieh Reserve Champion Senior Bull Calf: BAXL Shot of Jack 33D3; Baxter Lowe, Adrian, Mo.; Sire: HCCG Captain Jack 16Y37

Gelbvieh Champion Junior Bull: GGGE 3G Die Cast 637D; Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind./Reynolds Bee Lick Gelbvieh, Crab Orchard, Ky.; Sire: GGGE 3G Zip Line 266Z

Balancer Champion Spring Heifer Calf: KKAC Emerald 703E; Karly Alexander, Perry, Okla.; Sire: JRI Next Step 285X72

Balancer Reserve Champion Spring Heifer Calf: DTKF Trina’s Twilight 027E; DTK Cattle Company, Janesville, Iowa; Sire: EGL Lifeline B101

Balancer Champion Junior Heifer Calf: DSCF Post Rock Blublood 64E8; RC Pettit Cattle, Olathe, Kan.; Sire: BABR Secret Brand 2100Z ET

Balancer Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf: KDV T Bar S Jasmine 125E; Kyle Vehige, Bonnots Mill, Mo.; Sire: R4RA Conquest 254

Balancer Champion Senior Heifer Calf: HIGH Ms Diedra 9D93 ET; Isabel Lowe, Adrian, Mo.; Sire: BCFG Butlers Hillbilly Hero 71

Balancer Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf: GDV T Bar S Michelle 151D; Grace Vehige, Bonnots Mill, Mo.; Sire: R4RA Conquest 254

Balancer Champion Intermediate Heifer: GGGE 3G Cowgirl Dixie 6102D; Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind.; Sire: S S Hoover Dam B115

Balancer Reserve Champion Intermediate Heifer: KKKG Triple K Ms Dixie 116D; Nick Doering, Basehor, Kan.; Sire: VRT Lazy TV Watchman W021

Balancer Champion Junior Yearling Heifer: DTKF Tootsie Rolls Lolly Pop 322D; DTK Cattle Company, Janesville, Iowa; Sire: RB World Wide 167-31

Balancer Reserve Champion Junior Yearling Heifer: DTKF Paradise’s Wish 228D; Adelyn Sienknecht, Gladbrook, Iowa; Sire: DCSF Post Rock Highly Focused 308Y8

Balancer Champion Cow-Calf Pair: TMGG Cajun Cookie 214C; Tiana Garcia, Las Animas, Colo.; Sire: CSRX Ruxton T 126A

Balancer Champion Spring Bull Calf: KKKG Triple K Easy Haul 313E; Triple K Gelbvieh, Basehor, Kan.; Sire: AHL Lon Haul 5035C

Balancer Reserve Champion Spring Bull Calf: TMGG Ragin’ Cajun 217E; Tiana Garcia, Las Animas, Colo.; Sire: TAU Unanimous 11B ET

Balancer Champion Junior Bull Calf: GGGE 3G Extra Money 709E; Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind.; Sire: GGGE 3G EZ Money 209Z

Balancer Reserve Champion Junior Bull Calf: RCPC Frenchie 10E; RC Pettit Cattle, Olathe, Kan.; Sire: BNC Mr. Hojer C5211

Balancer Champion Junior Bull: GGGE 3G Double Agent 602D; Emily Griffiths, Kendallville, Ind.; Sire: GGGE 3G Smoke N’ Mirrors 639S

Balancer Reserve Champion Junior Bull: HIGH Hero of the Day 9D42 ET; Hightower Cattle Company, LLC, La Cygne, Kan.; Sire: BCFG Butlers Hillbilly Hero 71

American Gelbvieh Association to Host Commercial Cattlemen Educational Symposium

All cattlemen and women are invited to attend the  American Gelbvieh Association’s (AGA) third annual commercial cattlemen’s educational symposium titled Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup. Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup will be held Friday, December 8, 2017, beginning at 1:30 p.m. CST at the Hyatt Regency Wichita in Wichita, Kansas. Cattle producers from all segments of the beef industry are invited to attend this free event that will feature industry-leading speakers. A provided beef lunch will be served prior to the event starting at 12:00 noon.

This year’s Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup features industry-leading speakers who will provide insight on how the right genetics and management pay off through the beef supply chain. Speakers include Donnell Brown of R.A. Brown Ranch and current president of the Beef Improvement Federation, Myron Edelman, executive director of the American Gelbvieh Association, and Kevin Unger, resource manager for Lincoln County Feedyard and Leachman Cattle of Colorado.

Donnell Brown and his wife Kelli are the fifth generation to own and manage the R.A. Brown Ranch in Throckmorton, Texas, a family business since 1895. They raise registered Red Angus, Angus and SimAngus cattle and sell 600 bulls each October as well as 250 bulls each March. They use technology such as artificial insemination, embryo transfer, ultrasound and genomic testing to produce superior genetics that fit the needs of the beef industry. Brown was trained to use selection index models in the late 1980s and considers it a major contribution to the strong genetic merit of their herd.

Myron Edelman is a native of Kansas and grew up in the agriculture industry. He has held varied positions within the agriculture industry including livestock manager of Wagonhound Land & Livestock Co. Most recently, he was the director of value added programs at the Red Angus Association of America prior to becoming the executive director of the AGA in 2014. Edelman believes the experience of operating a large commercial ranch that included feedlots combined with providing marketing assistance to ranchers in a breed association setting is the foundation needed to direct the Gelbvieh association in providing accurate genetic tools and marketing services to the beef industry.

Kevin Unger lives in northwest Kansas near where his family homesteaded in the late 1800s. Unger started his career in the seedstock business with Red Angus and Simmental and has since moved to the feedyard sector. He previously worked for Decatur County Feedyard in various positions and served his last 10 years as manager. In 2014, Unger went to work for Lincoln County Feedyard and Leachman Cattle of Colorado where he serves as resource manager. Unger works to engage the rancher, the feedlot and the packer to identify and build a better end product through whatever means necessary. All feedlot and carcass data endpoints are collected and assimilated back to the production level to improve end product and advance best management practices. The system keeps an eye on the industry for new and useful tools to advance these production models and keep family operations profitable.

The Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup is being held during the 47th Annual American Gelbvieh Association National Convention. For more information about the Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup, please visit or call 303-465-2333. Registration is not required to attend this free event.


Gelbvieh Convention to be Held in Wichita

The 47th Annual American Gelbvieh Association National Convention will be held December 7-9, 2017, at the Hyatt Regency Wichita in Wichita, Kansas. This year’s event is themed “Meeting Modern Industry Demands: Setting the Standard”. The title sponsor for the event is GeneSeek®, a Neogen Company.

The AGA convention includes events such as AGA committee meetings, the AGA annual membership meeting, kick-off reception, awards banquet, the third annual Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup, and more.

Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup is the largest event of the convention and will be held on Friday, December 8, with a provided lunch at 12:00 noon; the program begins at 1:30 p.m CST. Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup is a free educational symposium open to commercial beef producers, industry professionals and AGA members. This symposium will feature industry leading speakers from all sectors of the beef industry and focus on beef industry profitability. No registration is necessary for the Cattlemen’s Profit Roundup.

Registration for the three-day convention is available online at Early registration ends October 31.


Evans Joins American Gelbvieh Association Staff

BROOMFIELD, CO – The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) would like to welcome Taylor Evans of Denver, Colorado, to the staff as member and youth programs coordinator.

Evans grew up in the agriculture industry where he gained vast knowledge of the beef industry. He graduated from Colorado State University in 2012 with bachelor’s degrees in agriculture business and animal science. Evans has held roles in both the agriculture and construction industries. He has experience in construction management overseeing contracts, budgets, and subcontractors. Evans most recently served as the vocational agriculture teacher for Estes Park, Colorado, where he served as the agricultural and auto shop programs instructor for both high school and middle school levels. Evans also served as the advisor for the Estes Park FFA chapter.

In his role as member and youth programs coordinator, he will guide the American Gelbvieh Junior Association and help to develop the next generation of leaders in the beef industry. Evans will also be tasked with enriching the membership experience for AGA members.

“The AGA is fortunate to have talented and dedicated staff members that work to enhance the AGA experience for both adult and junior members. Taylor fits into this staff very well and I am pleased that we are adding his talents to the team,” says Myron Edelman, AGA executive director.

Outside of the AGA, Evans owns a small commercial cow-calf operation near Castle Rock, Colorado, which he plans to expand in the future.

Evans began his role on August 14, 2017, and will work directly from the AGA headquarters office in Broomfield, Colorado. Evans can be reached via email at

The American Gelbvieh Association is a progressive beef cattle breed association representing 1,000 members and approximately 40,000 Gelbvieh, Balancer and Gelbvieh-influenced cows assessed annually in a performance-oriented total herd reporting system.


Ambassadors Chosen to Represent American Gelbvieh Junior Association

AGJA 2017 Ambassadors

American Gelbvieh Junior Association Junior and Intermediate Ambassadors were chosen at the 2017 AGJA Big Red Classic in Grand Island, Nebraska. Braxton Murray of Kingfisher, Oklahoma (left), was selected to be the 2017-2018 Junior Ambassador. Baxter Lowe, Adrian, Missouri (right), was chosen to be the 2017-2018 AGJA Intermediate Ambassador.


Two junior members were selected at the American Gelbvieh Junior Association (AGJA) 2017 Big Red Classic to represent the AGJA as ambassadors. Baxter Lowe of Adrian, Missouri, was selected to be the 2017-2018 AGJA Intermediate Ambassador. Braxton Murray, Kingfisher, Oklahoma, was chosen to be the 2017-2018 AGJA Junior Ambassador.

Baxter is the son of Raymond and Melissa Lowe. In addition to this new role, he is very active in several other junior associations including the Heart of America Gelbvieh Junior Association. Baxter raises Gelbvieh and Balancer® cattle along with his sisters, Isabel and Jessie.

\Braxton is the son of Matt and Andrea Murray. Braxton is also an active member of the Oklahoma Gelbvieh Junior Association. Braxton enjoys working on his family’s Gelbvieh and Balancer operation with his parents and younger brother, Breckon.

The AGJA created the ambassador program to encourage and support youth involvement in the breed’s activities. The ambassadors represent the AGJA at Gelbvieh functions throughout the year including Gelbvieh and Balancer shows held at the American Royal, the North American International Livestock Exposition and the National Western Stock Show, along with many state fairs and other events.

The ambassador candidates are judged on their notebook, an oral interview, a speech given at the AGJA annual meeting and overall conduct during the annual junior national show. The notebook includes information and photographs on activities, awards and organizations as well as an essay on the candidate’s background and experiences with the Gelbvieh breed. A committee is appointed to conduct the interviews and select the AGJA Junior and Intermediate Ambassadors.

The American Gelbvieh Junior Association is the junior division of the American Gelbvieh Association. The AGJA provides members up to 21 years of age the opportunity to participate in youth activities.