Commerical DNA Testing


Add a Maternal Edge to your herd!

The Maternal Edge Female Profile is a low-density panel to be used by producers as a sorting tool for Gelbvieh influenced comerical females.

Maternal Edge Female Profile-$26.00

This panel has a heavy emphasis on maternal characteristics but includes end-products traits as well.
Traits included in the panel: calving ease, maternal calving ease, weaning weight, yield grade, marbling, and carcass weight. These traits are measured for the female against the entire Gelbvieh population with Molecular Breeding Values (MBVs) and results will be recieved in a one to ten score for each trait.

Parent verification can also be done with this panel at no additional charge, if the option is selected and sire and dam are on file with the AGA.

How to Order:

To order tests, download the AGA Commercial DNA Testing form and follow these instructions:

  1. Enter information in DNA Sample Form. Total for payment will be automatically updated on the last tab of the order form at the bottom.
  2. To allow for faster processing of the DNA sample(s) please save a copy of the completed file. After you have saved the file, please email to Next, print two copies of the Samples and Order Forms. Send one copy with payment to the AGA office and send the other copy to with the samples directly to Geneseek at 4131 N. 48th St. Lincoln, NE 68504.
  3. Please include email address on the order form to receive a copy of the results electronically.

DNA collector cards may be requested by contacting the AGA office.
DNA Collector Hair Cards are $4.00 each
DNA Collector Blood Cards are free and are the preferred sample

How to Get Results:

Please allow 3-4 weeks for results to come in.
Once results are in, you will recieve an email with a copy of the results attached. If you would like a hard copy of the results either reply to the email with the request or contact the AGA office.

DNA Testing Options
Learn more about available DNA Testing Options

For more information and status of results, contact the AGA office at 303-465-2333 or email