AGJA Communications


The AGJA produces an annual newsletter that is sent out every fall. This newsletter keeps junior members in the know with happenings all throughout the year. View the most recent AGJA newsletter below.

Our Fall/Winter 2016 newsletter can be viewed in the December 2016 issue of Gelbvieh World or can be downloaded using the link below.

Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2016 Newsletter

Junior Voice

The Junior Voice is a special column dedicated to AGJA and appears in every issue of Gelbvieh World and The Profit Picture. Each month the column is written by an AGJA Board Member or the AGJA Staff Advisor.

View this month’s column on the Gelbvieh World page.

Check the Gelbvieh World page to read each month’s column.

Social Media

Stay connected with the American Gelbvieh Junior Association on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.